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Kenneth A. Turner, President and Mark Armstrong


Gary Schahet, Immediate Past President, Phyllis Schahet, and Gustavo Dudamel


Kenneth Turner


Joseph Stein, Jr.

Vice President - Subscriptions

Lucinda Schissler

Vice President - Artist Selection

Paul Symons

Vice President - Concert Arrangements

Henry Freund


Anne Holland

Recording Secretary

Gary Schahet

Immediate Past President / Parliamentarian


Lois Darr

John N. Fox

Barbara Fremont

Henry Freund

Norman Gorin

Bernice Greene

Anne Holland

Roberta Holland

Dean Kauffman

David Ko

Carol S. Lewis

Larry Pitts

Gary Schahet

Lucinda Schissler

Gloria Scoby

Joseph Stein, Jr.

Paul Symons

Kenneth Turner

JoAnn Wellner


Artists Selection
Lucinda Schissler, Chair
Norman Gorin, Roberta Holland, Dean Kauffman, Bernice Greene, David Ko

Budget and Finance
Larry Pitts, Chair
Henry Freund, Ken Turner, John Fox

Concert Arrangements
Paul Symons, Chair

Historical Records
Norman Gorin, Chair

Program Books
Lois Darr, Chair
David Ko

Scholarship and Youth Activity
Carol Lewis, Co-Chair (Youth Activity)
Dean Kauffman, Co-Chair (Scholarship)

Joseph Stein, Jr., Chair

Gloria Scoby, Co-Chair
Roberta Holland Co-Chair

Public Relations and Marketing Committee
Gloria Scoby, Chair
Ken Turner, Norman Gorin, Dean Kauffman, Roberta Holland, Carol Lewis, Gary Schahet

Executive Committee
Ken Turner, Chair
Lucinda Schissler, Paul Symons, Henry Freund, Anne Holland, Gary Schahet, Joseph Stein, Jr.

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